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The virus affecting the animal world….

Well, yes, that's how it is and that's how sad it sounds ... The abandonment of animals, in this case we explain the adoption of Ura.

During this unprecedented pandemic that we are experiencing, the animal associations, veterinarians, etc. are already alerting us. A worrying increase in abandonment of animals is calculated as well explained, for example, on the DV Diario Veterinario website:

The Royal Canine Society of Spain (RSCE) has started the campaign 'Your best friend in health and disease' against the abandonment of pets once the confinement ends of citizens after overcoming the toughest stage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The objective is to avoid this bad practice that could have already started during the quarantine by the fear that dogs could spread the disease, something that has already been denied by the World Health Organization (WHO)

Well, from here we also appeal to everyone, because in the end it is a collective responsibility. From the one who buys or adopts without thinking it through and then abandons, through all the professionals and volunteers who work every day to avoid this horrible but unfortunately common practice.

You have to be very aware when buying or adopting a dog. When the decision is a resounding yes, that's the way it has to be… .as the name of the campaign that started the (RSCE):

"Your best friend in sickness and in health."

that is to say, for and for everything because the dog is family and the family is not abandoned.

HISTORY OF URA, another abandoned dog ...


You can go straight to the steps or follow them through the story of Ura.

Foto de Ura

We are on a Saturday, more specifically on April 18, 2020, in a state of alarm, we have already been in confinement for 37 days. Laia was driving on the way to her weekly shopping when she saw a dog near the road, as if waiting for something or someone.

It is one of those moments in which we have all surely met and your head spins a thousand times in seconds…”What do I do? Poor thing, but I can't, but, and yes, no no»… and at one point all those thoughts go away to go after the dog or not…. Laia with her big heart went looking for her, leaving aside all those pros and cons because in the end the simple fact of getting a dog out of that horrible situation, IS ALREADY A BIG STEP! Then there are many ways to help and find a home for him without this having to be your responsibility if for whatever reason you cannot, this is step 1.

Step 1:

Put aside that resistance and go after the dog, then you see how you help him but GET HIM OFF THE STREET.

"It is said that the dog is the only animal that loves you more than himself so he will be grateful to you for life for simply picking him up."

And I repeat myself, the simple fact of stopping you and catching it, is already an ADMIRABLE action! So BRAVO FOR LAIA and for each one of those people who have ever made that gesture! and thanks to all those who then from shelters, associations and professionals in the sector make it possible for abandoned dogs to leave the street and find their home, thank you, thank you and thank you!

Step 2:

Approaching the dog can be complicated because he will be scared and misplaced, use your instinct to gain his trust. What is done with love is smelled and in one way or another it can be. You can help him with food, water, get closer little by little and get down to his level by kneeling, talk to him with affection and patience and give him a little time.

It could be that the dog had a badge with a telephone number or QR code that would have to be scanned with a mobile.

Of course, in that case it would be necessary to call and inform the owner. That would be the happy ending of the story if we found the owner and everything would be a little oversight, but unfortunately it is not always like that and there is no badge or no one answers the phone.

In what state is Laia Ura? Well, thin, with fleas, infested with ticks ... In general, the least you can find in a dog that has been on the street. He decides to take her to the nearest Veterinarian for a quick review and to check for free if she has a chip. No chip is found, therefore legally it does not belong to anyone…. After that they go home, the dog seems to be hungry and will surely appreciate eating!

Step 3:


There are two options to check if it has a chip:

You can go to a Veterinarian who will check it for free or call the municipal authorities (Guardia Urbana / Local Police) as they usually have a chip reader.

My advice: go directly to Vete and take advantage of the way Laia did to request a check-up of the animal and administer a deworming pill. Then we will have to be aware of how the feces are because it might need another feed (Go away will give you all the indications) it does not cost a lot of money and it is very helpful to rid it of bugs as soon as possible.

If there is a chip: the veterinarian contacts the AIAC, "the Consell de Col.legis Veterinaris de Catalunya", if you are in Catalonia (in the case of another community it will be with the competent authority). And thus find the information of the owner of the animal and be able to contact him.

If there is no chip: It will be your decision to take him to a shelter / shelter / foster home / adopt him etc ...

Well, after arriving home, Laia contacted a shelter to try to continue with the search for the family and / or put her up for adoption, Laia found….

SOSCANICAT “a non-profit association that fights for the furry ones forgotten by society”

Publicación de Ura en SOSCANICAT buscando a sus dueños.
This was Ura's publication the same day that Laia found her on SOSCANICAT's instagram.

The wonderful team of SOSCaniCat volunteers immediately puts his photo on the networks to look for his owners, although everything pointed to a full-fledged abandonment, it has to be done well and the first thing is to publish it to help the "possible" family to find her. So many things could have happened, right? That it has escaped from its house/land, that it has been accidentally lost, that it has been abandoned for different reasons... (in my opinion, there is no justification for abandoning such an animal) but well, it's time to wait.

WORK AND PROCESS IN SOSCANICAT: Julia, one of the wonderful and active members of the shelter tells us how they work internally:

  1. When an animal arrives in any way before it enters the shelter, it goes to the vet for a good check-up and chip search.
  2. Then the animal (dog or cat) is taken in a patio of the refuge facilities that will be a space where it will remain alone, as if in quarantine for 40 days for possible diseases to develop and to be able to evaluate the animal in the best way to help with the trauma who has suffered from being on the street alone, helping him with possible fears etc.
  3. A photo is uploaded to social networks to find their owners in their search. Sometimes posters have even been hung in the vicinity of where it is found.
  4. While the animal remains in the shelter, they are helped to reeducate if needed and are professionally cared for by collaborating veterinarians at all times. After 20 days they are chipadas and spayed or neutered.
  5. The 20 days are because by law you have to wait that time and if no one has claimed it, it will be legal to put it up for adoption. Although it will not be done until the animal is ready. We will always value it. We care a lot about both your physical and mental health.
  6. While after 40 days the animal will be put with other dogs or cats to socialize and play.
  7. When someone is interested in the specific animal, they are informed of the characteristics and a pre-adoption questionnaire will be passed to the family. They will also go to the place of residence of those interested to see what the new home is like. In this way they can ensure that it complies with the security measures and is enabled for the animal.
  8. When all that is well, the animal is left in foster care for a few days with the new family. For SOSCANICAT the process and the good adaptation of the dog with the family is very important, but also that of the family with the dog. When both sides assess that everything is going well and they are ready, the adoption is processed as such.
  9. When it is adopted, the chip name change is made to the new owner.


Protective: is the service that each municipality hires to manage directly as a company that works for the city council. Directly with the Urban Guard or Local Police of the municipality. Upon finding a lost or abandoned animal, they will be sent to their facilities and the pertinent steps will be taken.

Shelter or association: Groups of volunteers. They do not have an agreement with any city council and that non-profit organizations come from the donations of private individuals. These shelters or associations help with their good faith or with the help of the volunteers who organize it. They are independent and do not work directly with any municipality, their service is for and for the integral help of the animals.

Step 4:

4.1: In any case, then, CONTACT SOME PROTECTOR / REFUGE: they will know what to do and can guide you on how to help and act.


And while, you have 2 options:

4.3: Temporarily welcome him into your home and wait for news of the possible family in your search. And in case you can't take care of the animal temporarily ...

4.4: Take it to the protector or shelter that you have contacted and / or that is closest to you.


As the days go by, Ura seems to improve a lot! in a week he goes from 14 to 16 kilos and his hair improves so much! He seems to want pampering at all hours and that is WHAT THE LOVE OF A PUPPY !!!!! Young lady, you say 6 months, with charming little eyes and super pretty shades of colors and with considerable legs that show that she is going to grow a lot! It seems that he already has more desire to play and a lot of love to give, thanking each gesture and caress from the first minute.

Ura en el sofá
Ura on the couch

But she is a "destroyer" like any puppy, I suppose, but Laia cannot take care of her for many more days. So a decision has to be made! I'm taking Ura home and taking a little action in this whole story (you really fell in love with her just by looking at her). In this way it is time to give relief to all the wonderful action of Laia so far.

The intention is that after 20 days to adopt it. And the idea of its beautiful name is born: URA (which in Sanskrit means HEART)


Basically, these are the days that the owner who misplaces a dog legally has to find it, if not and after that period, the dog can be adopted.


After those days and having seriously considered all that entails adopting the animal with that resounding YES is to go to a trusted go away (if you do not have one, I recommend that you look for one close to home since it will always be more convenient.

Your vet will tell you all the information but I will leave you in a quick list of things so you don't forget:

My list of must-haves when adopting to have everything ready and in order!

  • 1: Put the chip, it is mandatory.
  • 2: Open a primer where the annual vaccination record will be made.
  • 3: Vaccinate, deworm (in the case of not having done it already) and do a blood test to rule out any infection or problem that we may not detect with the naked eye. (the latter is my personal advice, but it's not necessary if you don't want to)
  • 4: Look for a good feed For his age and weight (Go away can help us) we can also gladly advise you if you send us an email giving us our humble opinion after having studied the subject a lot.
  • 5: To buy toys (I assure you that you will need them) Kong and pressed skin bones are great for your teeth and have them well entertained, bed (so that the dog can become his comfort zone at home) necklace (I personalize them with your name and phone numbers), belt, their dishes of water and food (I recommend avoiding the plastic ones because either they will play with them or they simply do not weigh enough and they will move on the floor when using them) sweets (They are great to help them with learning and positive reinforcement of orders and routines), bags for poop, and well after all, everything you consider necessary!
  • 6: You have to Contact the town hall where you reside to make your census record, it is mandatory.
  • 7: and last but not least for me a good exhaustive bath and general cleaning Welcome is not bad, considering that he comes from the street he needs it! And with Ura it was difficult to do it at home, so in order not to put a lot of stress on her, I decide to take her to my trusted dog groomer.

and some other advice to keep in mind ...

  • You are going to have to arm yourself with patience because we all need a time to adapt and especially after a trauma such as being abandoned. Some dogs adapt super fast, some take longer, what is clear is that the gratitude they will show is incalculable because they had a hard time and you have given them the opportunity of their lives. A LIFE!!!.
  • Much much much LOVE, because with love you get everything and they are going to give it to you unconditionally.
  • Create a routine, establish meal times, walks, play, educate and learn ...
  • If you have another dog, I advise you to present them in a neutral place so that it is not too stressful for either of you, then your dog will help the adaptation of the new one, although there will be some jealousy involved and you should start to distribute equally.

ADOPTION, Welcome home!

Adaptation in the family, first hard days ...

Well, we have to be prudent before we get our hopes up about staying with Ura in case its owners appear (although everything indicates that it is not like that) although Ura's affection has already invaded the heart and there has still been no news of anyone looking for the dog. Even so, a search is made of different associations and other groups in case of more news of his possible family in his search, but nothing.

Ura continued to have little things that were not well at the level of health ... Very agitated breathing when sleeping, very dry nose, loose stools and although she wanted to play it lasted many days already ... so we went to the vet to check her again .

The best thing to do when adopting a dog that comes straight from the street without going through any protection is to go directly to the trusted veterinarian and do the relevant tests that are considered.

Sometimes you have to wait a few days to observe any sign that may manifest itself, such as breathing, energy and desire to play, hunger, checking how the feces are etc etc ... with that you can see if everything is going good or not.

In this case with Ura it was a plate, a blood test and a very exhaustive general check-up. The results then also indicate that Ura had very low iron values causing considerable anemia and had an infection as a result of ticks. Right away we give Ura the antibiotic and in a couple of days Ura gains much more energy and is more eager to play. GOOD SIGN!

For a time I thought that Lea, a mini podenca that I have already had for 2 years, needed a little brother / a, she was also a rescued dog and with Ura it seemed to be the ideal occasion for the family to increase! but with Ura's treatment and the new adaptation we forget that 20 DAYS HAVE ALREADY PASSED! So let's chipa-la and register it in the census, ADOPTED!

Ura and Lea have become the best friends in the world and they are inseparable now! Playing, running around, sleeping and even drinking water from the same bowl at the same time! Read who would have told you! What joy has come home ...

Lea y Ura
LeaLea and UraLea and Ura

After 15 days of Antibiótico Ura had a Gastritis. It could be caused by many factors…. chachorrila and sensitive stomach, many days of treatment, having eaten something in the field that I should not or all together ... The point is that I need a lot of pampering, a day in hospital to provide more rapid and effective intravenous medication and a soft diet with rice and turkey a week and ready.

The truth is that when we make them our own we suffer everything with them and you have a hard time when you see them sad and with little energy. They were hard days and of concern but in a little RECOVERED!


Today Ura is fully happy, sharing everything with her new family! Thanking everything and more! Enjoying daily getaways to nature, weekends with the Camper and naps on the sofa

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