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About Galle:

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Carlos, although I've always been called Galle.

I like all sports (to this day all the ones I have tried have liked me) But I especially like and am in love with the mountains and diving!

Passionate about traveling, discovering the world and above all meeting its people, observing and integrating myself in each of the societies in each corner.

I believe in the energies, in the vital moments and in the vibes that each person gives off. So looking forward to meeting and sharing people with a high vibe on each trip.

Currently I work and study criminology, trying to collect all the possible moments traveling whenever I can!

My motto: MAKTUB. Every moment matters good or bad, it is always a valuable learning for the future, a motivation to continue. The day death comes, you must tremble to receive us, because we will have appreciated every moment. We are here to laugh at destiny and live in the best possible way.

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