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The best Apps for traveling by camper or motorhome

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This post is a small compilation of the applications that are essential for me. Many of them are collaborative between all users and are of great help to us with the information that other travelers provide us. We can find GPS navigator applications, search for places to spend the night with the information of the place (accesses, incidents of other travelers, etc.), metrological information, etc.

Today we go with mobile phones to all places. In them we have all kinds of information and we carry out any management or consultation through them. In this way, when we made a trip in a camper van or motorhome, it was not going to be an exception. Hence the reason for creating the post: The best Apps to travel by camper or motorhome

While we make our trip, or for the preparation of this, we may have searched for information or resolved any questions through an application.

In this post I am going to make a small compilation of the applications that are essential for me. Many of them are collaborative between all users and are of great help to us with the information that other travelers provide us. We can find GPS navigator applications, search for places to spend the night with the information of the place (accesses, incidents of other travelers, etc.), metrological information, etc.

Overnight or camping apps


For me the best application to find the best places to spend the night or camp throughout Europe.

Capturas de pantalla de Park4Night - Las mejores Apps para viajar en camper o autocaravana

It is the application is indispensable. Today it is the application with the largest database of places to stay and services. The places are located on the map, being able to access their file, where we can see more extensive information, opinions and comments from other users, as well as a star rating based on the scores of other users who have already passed through that place. It also shows us information about the activities that are available around a location (cycling, hiking, shopping, etc.)

In this way, it is very easy for us to choose the best place from all the nearby options.

Once we have selected the option we want, we can give the option to go, connecting directly with google maps so that it can make us the route to the destination. In my case I use a specific Garmin CAMPER GPS. From park4night I have the option to navigate with google maps or share the selected location with another app. Something really comfortable!

It is a collaborative app, because it is good to find and share places that we know and are not in park4night.

Most of Park4night's functions can be enjoyed in its free version, on the contrary there is a version PRO paid at a cost of € 9.99. I have always used it paying, since with this we contribute to the maintenance of the community, not seeing advertising, being able to enjoy the locations and maps offline. However, with a network connection, its free version is fully functional

Perfect Furgo

Furgoperfecto - Las mejores Apps para viajar en camper o autocaravana

A perfect Furgo are places to spend the night with our vehicles, with peace of mind, without the possibility of being denounced and to be able to be in a special environment and with possibilities of leisure, nature, culture, sports or leisure activities ...

Thanks to perfect van map developed by the furgovw forum you can discover a previously unknown camper world.

They ask us where you can find the best places to spend the night with our motorhomes or campervan in a very easy and intuitive way.

This perfect van map is distributed in places to spend the night or camp mainly in Spain and Europe.

You just have to follow a few small TIPS that the same community of perfect van emphasizes.

  • WHEN YOU LEAVE, LEAVE THEM BETTER THAN YOU FIND THEM. From we encourage you to participate and enjoy responsibly of the Furgoperfectos. They belong to everyone.
  • THEY ARE NOT CAMPING PLACES. A perfect van should not be used for camping (if camping is not authorized, that's what campsites are for) but as a place to park and spend the night in our vehicle.
  • SUSTAINABLE USE OF PERFECT VANS. They must be used responsibly and knowing that behind us other forer @ s will want to enjoy this site. For this we must behave with civility, take care of the environment and respect local regulations.


Captura de pantalla de la app Campercontact - Las mejores Apps para viajar en camper o autocaravana

A program very similar to Park4night. I personally recommend combining both, since what you are looking for may not be found in one, but in the other.

Campercontact is designed as a community, but my user experience is that in it we can find more locations of private areas or campsites. Users rate all locations with star ratings and comments. But if what we are looking for is to enjoy more for free, my opinion is that park4night has more locations in nature or allowed places created by the same users, against CamperContact we find private areas of payment or campsites. As we have mentioned before, one complements the other.

The only downside is that to see the detailed information of the places you have to pay the PRO version (€ 5.99 / year)

The most beautiful motorhome areas at your fingertips

35,000+ RV parks, 58 countries, 300,000+ reviews


Captura de pantalla iOverlander

App similar to the previous ones, however this one is more focused on places overlander (vehicles with off-road capabilities) most of its users use off road type vehicles.

This app is designed more for daring people or with 4 × 4 vehicles in search of an adventure when it comes to spending the night. So if you are daring or observe an appropriate location for access this is your application.

For users with a camper that is not 4 × 4 as is my case, when I find a good location I try to look for information in the other apps or I consult the satellite map of google maps to assess the accesses. As an advice I would add not to do the roads at night. I have discovered wonderful places with relatively easy access where I can sleep in the middle of nature. But I have also had some scare because I was on a road where my GV campervan did not pass (most of these situations happened to me at night, because I could not observe the accesses well)

The offroad feature of this application makes it especially attractive in destinations such as Morocco

Routes and maps apps

Google maps

The most widespread and well-known map application in the world. It is usually included as standard in mobiles with Android operating system. In it we have a large database of establishments, supermarkets, points of interest to visit, etc. All this information is combined with the information from google, so for me it is the best map app.

With it we can plan a route and show us the way in GPS mode, save travel routes and point out our favorite places. We can download a specific area or area to have all the information stored in our terminal and not depend on a mobile data connection. We also obtain information on roads, slow traffic or traffic jams, closed roads, works and alternative routes. This app has taken me out of a good Garmin or Tom Tom GPS problem on more than one occasion, and even in some exceptional weather situation I have been able to reach my destination saving me kilometer traffic jams before finding them.


Captura de pantalla MapsMe

For me the best offline GPS we can find.

This app offers us the possibility of having a GPS offline and without the need for data. Although google maps also offers us this option, with Maps.Me downloading data and offline mode is more accessible and intuitive. We just have to download the area where we are going to travel. However, for road navigation I still prefer Google Maps.

But one of the reasons for this app to be one of the essentials, and which for me is the best utility it offers us is that it not only has maps and information for the roads, it also has information on roads and trails to be able to use it in all the trekkings of the world. Many times I use it if I am walking up the mountain and I do not know if I am following a correct path or a detour where it will take me, with Maps, I can consult it and see it on the map, helping me at the moment on my trekking or mountain bike route.

Another feature that makes Maps.Me an essential app for me is that in its search engine we can put "Water" and we show public fountains or water points. Something that without a doubt when traveling with a camper or motorhome makes it more than interesting to fill up the deposit.


Maps transformed into a social network. This app looks a lot like a social network, users can send information in real time. With it we can not only see and follow the best routes to travel, we can also be informed in real time at all times of an accident that has just occurred, road controls, radars, traffic information and delays, to find an alternative route and save us setbacks and traffic jams on the trip. We can also obtain information on gas stations and find the best price in the area to save some € when refueling.

CoPilot GPS Navigation

CoPilot is one of the road navigation apps that has grown the most in recent years. Among the reasons is undoubtedly the precision of its driving assistant, capable of guiding you along the best route at all times, also on routes with very dense traffic.

It also highlights the level of detail of available offline maps and real-time traffic information. Or the intelligent navigation mode that learns and stores the most common routes of the user.

The remarkable feature is that adapts to vehicle size so driving the motorhome will not be a problem. It has many recorded points of interest, including motorhome areas in Spain to organize the route based on where we will stop for the night. It also offers alternatives to the main route so that you can anticipate any inconvenience.

Weather apps

Rain Alarm

Do you see the sky darker than you would like? It seems like it's going to rain?

Rain Alarm is a simple but effective app that will help us know when it is going to rain and if it is near us. We can visualize the radar with a radius that we have previously selected, in this way we can see if the rains are approaching us, passing close or moving away. The rain radar is very reliable.

We can configure the application to automatically notify us when the rain approaches our position.

The time is

Eltiempoes - Las mejores Apps para viajar en furgoneta camper

With the official application of the AEMET we will be able to know the weather that will be in the next days in the area where we plan to travel.

You can find the forecast for the next two weeks In more than half a million points, save locations and even place a quick access on the mobile to enter the app. Information about pollen levels, wind chill and images in real time of cloud radars. You can also schedule it to notify you in case of alerts in a certain area.

A basic application to be informed about the weather forecasts.

Sports apps


Captura Wikiloc

One of the most interesting activities when traveling and that is usually one of the favorites is to take new routes, either walking, running or cycling. In this way we can discover wonderful places.

The quintessential application for this is called Wikiloc. It is an app to record and discover the best routes wherever we travel. It is extremely easy to use

With it we can record the route we are taking or download and follow one that is shared in the application by another user. Being able to select up to 45 different sports

To follow routes shared by other users, we can use the app's search engine. In it, we can search for the routes close to where we are, search in a map area or even search for routes through a passing area.

We can filter the results that the application shows us according to the level of difficulty, type of activity, duration or unevenness

There is a premium option with a cost of 9,99$ that will allow us to download maps and offline routes, live monitoring, search for routes by crossing areas, etc. But one of the most important things for me and that is why I subscribe to the premium is the possibility of being able to send the wikiloc route directly to the Garmin.

All Trails

Captura de pantalla Alltrails

It is an app very similar to the Wikiloc style. It allows you to find your next route, be it hiking, biking or trail running. This application allows you to filter the routes by length, rating or level of difficulty. It also allows us to filter the routes so that they are suitable for children, dogs, wheelchair accessible, etc. Without a doubt a very interesting option.

This, in the same way as wikiloc, allows us to explore the route, its reviews, photos and the activity logs of the Alltrails community. Although it is true, that when we have tested the operation of the application is very good, however the amount of reviews or information about the routes that it offers us is somewhat scarce compared to wikiloc. I have to emphasize that this last point, everything and looking for routes in the Pyrenees area, these have hardly any evaluations or comments from the community. Something that I greatly value when planning a route from Wikiloc.

As a plus and very important point is that it includes function Lifeline. This function is SOS-style. Lifeline helps share details of your excursion, such as the expected start and arrival time and a map of the planned route. Send status updates to designated safety contacts with one tap. Most importantly, if your arrival is delayed, Lifeline will send an automatic alert with your last known location to your security contacts.

Alltrails also allows us to download the maps in case there is no mobile network availability, as well as to know the weather conditions with overlays of the map in real time.

Other useful apps for motorhome trips


Captura de pantalla Flush

For all those people who travel with a small van or do not have chemical potty. The Flush app is the best app for find public toilets close to where we are. Its database stores the location of more than 190,000 public toilets around the world and growing.

The app indicates if the bathrooms are disabled-accessible, it is necessary to ask for the key or if you have to pay to use it.

Toilet Finder

Toilet Finder

Exactly the same as the previous one.
A practical and simple application to find bathrooms nearby. Unlike the previous one, this one has a star rating system that other users give based on quality and cleanliness.



It is not an app itself, it is a map that you can download and have saved to view using Google Maps.

With this map you can find showers throughout Spain and part of Europe. Some are free and others are paid, but without a doubt you will be able to shower without any problem when you travel with your camper. Something quite important for those who have a small camper without a shower inside.

Final note - The best Apps to travel by camper or motorhome

The best Apps for traveling by camper or motorhome. A post that I hope you liked and helped. You can leave me any suggestion or comment below! Any app that you would recommend? Do not hesitate to put it in the comments!

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