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Bóixols and its incredible medieval bridge.

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The Pallars Jussà hides places of scandal!

I recently discovered an incredible place: Bóixols and its medieval bridge.
A short, simple route and suitable (practically) for everyone with a great reward at the end.

Also now in summer and with the heat that it is, it is a fantastic place where you can bathe with its very cool water.

Without a doubt a place to get lost

The Pallars Jussà hides places of scandal. A completely unknown area and that I had not taken into account for my escapades. This changed quickly when browsing the internet I found Bóixols and its incredible medieval bridge.

Bóixols is a town belonging to the municipality of Abella de la Conca and is located at an altitude of 1160 meters and where the Rialb river is born.

It is in this small town of just 15 houses with no business or mobile coverage where we find a spectacular little corner: The medieval bridge of Bóixols.

Bóixols y su increíble puente medieval.

How to get

Bóixols is located on the edge of Pallars Jussà, between Tremp and Coll de Nargó. I suppose that for this reason, and not being a transit area, it is one of the unknown areas of Catalonia. To get to Bóixols we have to travel along the L-511 from Isona, or from the Coll de Nargó.

Where to park / overnightr

Using the park4night app. In Bóixols there is a parking lot right next to the road, touching the Church of San Vicente de Bóixols. There are 5 or 6 seats and in my case with a 6 meter camper there was no problem parking. The parking is fairly level and despite being next to the road, it is a very quiet area with little passage of vehicles. Even so, it is not a place that I am passionate about to spend the night, but we were able to park without problem.

To sleep we did it in the motorhome area of Figuerola de Orcau, a new motorhome area in the area of the soccer field. It is a very wide area, with squares leveled and with all the necessary services. Electricity point, filling and emptying of water, etc. With € 1 you have 12 hours of electricity or 10 minutes of filling with water.

This motorhome area is 30 minutes from Bóixols. Here you have the link of your park4night

Bóixols medieval bridge

The route is perfectly indicated, right next to the parking lot there is a sign indicating the path to the medieval bridge. However, below I leave the link of the track that we recorded of the route:

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To go to the bridge from we have to take the street that goes perpendicular to the road, passing right by the side of the Church of San Vicente de Bóixols, where we will have parked our vehicle.

When we made the route, as soon as we left the town, the path was lost due to the herbs that had grown, even so we can sense the path and a few meters later we will find another sign indicating the route. Once we have passed this first section, we will go down to the river. Here we will have to be attentive since there is a turn to the left passing over the river. We can see a yellow sign on top of a stone indicating where to turn left (it was also a bit covered by herbs).

From here the path does not have any loss, it is easily recognizable and the signs are perfectly visible, we will follow the marked path until we find the bridge:

Final conclusion.

A completely unknown area, which despite having traveled around Catalonia and many of its corners was completely unknown until recently. I loved the corner with the medieval bridge, the waterfall and the pool. In addition to being a place of incomparable beauty, we find very few people. I guess due to the unknown in the area. When we returned to the town, we did observe a group traveling in vans with canyoning equipment, who at the end of the ravine were eating in the same parking lot. Without counting this group, we could say that we only met 4 people and we spent a good time alone recording with the drone and taking photographs.

Without a doubt, it is totally advisable to invest a day in discovering this spectacular place.

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